Tuxedo Socks for Dogs

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Cozy Warm Indoor Socks that will make you say “awe”❤️

These non-slip dog socks help :

  • keep dogs from slipping on floors
  • protect paws from heat, snow or allergens
  • help keep paws wounds clean
  • give senior dogs, particularly those with mobility issues like hip dysplasia or canine arthritis, extra traction
  • provide confidence and stability on hardwood, tile, and even linoleum
  • protect hardwood floors against scratches

100% Brand New and high quality!
Material: 75% cotton, 13% polyester, 7% nylon, 5% spandex
Pattern: Black Tuxedo with Bow Tie

We have learned that the easiest way to measure the width of your dog’s paws! 
Rather than try to outline the paw onto a piece of paper, just get the paws wet and let them walk around!
Measure one of the paw prints for width😉 

size        width(mm)              height(mm)

S                  25                               60
M                 30                               75
L                  35                               90
XL                40                              110

  • Socks are elastic so socks should be smaller than pets feet
  • Please allow 0.5~1cm error due to manual measurement (1 inch = 2.54cm) 

Socks should be put on while the dog standing in order to ensure they are securely fastened with the dog's weight fully on the paws. Take one sock and make sure that it is fully open before placing the dog's paw into it, making sure to include the dewclaws in the shoe (if applicable) as not to provide discomfort.
4 pieces included