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Sending Trinity to her Forever Home

For the month of February 2020,
Apollo’s Pack is raising funds to unite her with her new forever family!
After surviving nine and a half years as a stray, Trinity has FINALLY found her home and her pack! An amazing family has adopted her so that she can spend the rest of her life surrounded by the love of her new siblings and feeling a sense of safety and security.
Trinity survived her first 6 years on the streets of Thailand, fending for herself and avoiding meat traders. She has spent the last 3 years at the Soi Dog shelter, loved and cared for, but never knowing a home or having a family of her own. But that is about to change!
The Soi Dog Foundation does wonders for the dogs/cats in South East Asia. From rehoming street animals around the world, to enormous spay and neuter campaigns, to fighting the dog and cat meat trade, these devoted people save countless lives.
There are no adoption fees at Soi Dog, but the cost of flying a dog from Thailand to Canada is quite expensive. Adopting Trinity is not only giving her a forever home, but it also frees up space and resources to help another street dog in a place where they don't have any protection.

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