Meet Apollo!

Well hi there!

To all who come to the Pack...

Wags and Kisses!

Allow me to introduce myself. I am the pack founder, Apollo! I am not proud to admit this, but I was once an unfriendly and unwanted dog.

Like many rescue dogs, I had a difficult puppyhood. In my first home, I was pushed around and strong armed by their older possessive dog. I wasn’t allowed to have my own food or toys. Aggressiveness was an unfortunate byproduct of being bullied.

I was returned to the shelter after unfortunate events. After months in foster care, I was lucky to be given another chance. I was blessed enough to find love and a family. All I needed was time, attention, and patience to overcome my aggression. But the key ingredient was love.

I have learned that the best things in life come without a price sticker. You can’t always pay back kindness, but passing it along is rewarding. I truly believe that love and kindness are qualities that are never wasted. That is why love is the focus and the basic foundation of Apollo’s Pack.