About Apollo’s Pack

Apollo’s Pack is a group of pals of all species who aim to share their love, support, and positivity with the world. It started as a small Go-Fund-Me to raise funds for the puppy shelter who rescued Apollo... twice! Over time, it has grown into a charitable organization.

Love is the reason why we work everyday to improve the lives of dogs in need.

Every product from AP helps provide safe shelter, food, and medicine for rescue dogs. That’s why we love our “Apollo’s Pack Giving Back” program. A portion of each month’s proceeds will be donated to benefit rescue dogs and foster-based shelters.

Your gifts save dogs lives across the nation.

Our first campaign raised $650 for Camp Chaos Puppy Rescue in Saint Louis, Missouri.

If you would like to support Apollo’s Pack’s sponsored rescue pups, please consider a gift of $10 because every dog deserves to find it’s loving home.

Apollo’s Pack has teamed up with Donut’s Dandy Donations to bring love and joy to you! If you don’t know Donut yet, get to know him here!

Thank you for sharing the love and supporting our cause!

This world needs more love.

This world needs more YOU. 

Kindness is free. Let’s pass it on!
Join the pack!🐾👅